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Radish bhaji Ingredients:

  • Half kg Radish
  • Oil
  • 2/3 Onion Chopped
  • Black Cumin
  • 5/6 Green Chili chopped
  • Red Chili Flex
  • Quantity Salt
  • Coriander Leaves Chopped

Shorshe Shak bhaji Ingredients:

  • Half kg Shorshe Shak (Musterd Leaves)
  • Oil
  • 1 Onion Chopped
  • 1 Garlic Chopped
  • 5/6 Green Chili chopped
  • Quantity Salt

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radish bhaji Cooking Method

Shorshe shak and radish bhaji recipe are easy and delicious. These are the perfect lunch or even for the breakfast. At first I’ll take half kg Radish. Now I’ll wash these and overtook the cobs. By using these Radish I’ll cut these Radish round in shape and it will have to be very thin. Now I’ll boil these Radish pieces with half boiled. After boiling these Radish I’ll take all the Radish very carefully from the water. Now I’ll take a fry pan in a stove and in this fry pan I’ll take two spoon oil. When the oil being hot, then I’ll take 2 onion chopped in this hot oil and fry this until this will reach red in look. After frying these onion chopped, now I’ll take half boiled Radish pieces and mix this very well. Then I’ll take black cumin, quantity salt, green chili chopped and fry it for sometime. After frying these Radish. I’ll take quantity chili flex.

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Shorshe shak bhaji Cooking Method

Now I’ll  show the shorshe shak bhaji  recipe. For cooking the shorshe shak at first I have to clean these shorshe shak very good so that these shorshe shak will free from insects.  After cleaning these shak I’ll cut these shak with grain in look. Now I’ll take a pan and in this pan I’ll take all these shorshe shak with quantity salt. Now I’ll boil these very well. After boiling these shak I’ll put these shak. Now I’ll take a fry pan and in this fry pan I’ll take onion, garlic and fry these until it will red in look after frying these I’ll take boiling shorshe shak in it and fry it well. Now you can present this shorshe shak bhaji with your choice. Our radish bhaji and shorshe shak bhaji is really a awesome recipe. These recipe is a favourite food item for a bangali. We can eat heart contain with these recipe.


Eat this shorshe shak and radish bhaji recipe lunch with plain rice.